Our offer

Animal proteins
The company VENTUS-ALIANCE s.r.o. offers a wide range of animal protein products to its partners. Such products are the main components of a livestock and pets feeding. Animal protein feeds contain essential amino-acids that enrich a food ration of animals and birds and have beneficial effects on their health.
Vegetable proteins
The content of vegetable proteins in food ration of livestock and feed production guarantees high productivity of animals and birds. Biological values of vegetable proteins of each product presented in this feed group, allow to plan a high-protein and high energy food rations for animals.
Nowadays, our partners are highly interested in deliveries of oilseeds' crops. Oils extracted from the oilseeds contain various types of useful chemicals. Oilseeds are widely used in food and feed industries as well as in feeding pets.

About company

Our company VENTUS-ALIANCE Ltd has been involved in the production of agricultural goods since 1999. We are responsible for the wholesale distribution of a wide range of exported and imported goods for feeding producers such as fish meal, fish oil, feather meal, meat bone meal, brewery yeast, dry blood etc. Also products for food and bakery industries such as dried and frozen fruit, fruit-products, mushrooms and nuts, dried milk, sweet whey, also seeds of mustard, linen, poppy and others, as well as products for technical use: sheeps wool, animal technical fats, vegetable oils. Our suppliers are firms and producers from Western and Eastern Europe.


Ventus Aliance

Prospective projects.

Nowadays, our company VENTUS-ALIANCE s.r.o. expands the directions of animal fats and vegetable oils deliveries to EU member countries. The reason is the increased processing of these products into biodiesel and electricity production by our partners.

We would like to invite logistics companies to collaborate with us on bulk cargo shipping that will be realized from the countries of Custom Union (Russia Federation, Belarus) to Europe.